Please Pray . . . And Give Thanks


As the Spirit of God guides you (while you are at the altar) please hold the following reminders, celebrations and concerns in your prayers:

  • Please pray for those in need of prayer and not included on this list.
  • Please pray for everyone who takes the time to pray for the needs of others.
  • Those confronting life’s challenges and celebrating life’s joys.

Give Thanks For (Praise Reports):

  • The power of touch, love, support and encouragement.
  • Attending the Palmetto Capital City Classic in Columbia, S.C.
  • Great meeting and conversation with Silvia Ramos.
  • Good meeting with Sharee Fowler and Goodwill representatives discussion employee engagement.
  • KBR (Local Impact) Advisory Council grant review and discussion.
  • Saturday afternoon conversation with Jarrard Goldsmith.
  • Bill Leonard and his new book, Homebrewed Christisnity: Church History – Flaming Heretics and Heavy Drinkers. An interesting and fascinating read.

Please Pray:

  • Sarah Alston – chronic neck/back discomfort from arthritis in her neck.
  • Angela Maxwell and her family – her 87 year old mother (Mrs. Beulah Maxwell) passed.
  • Brother-in-law, Wayne Anderson and family – on the loss of his sister.
  • Rev. Dr. James Ferree and family – on the loss of his wife, Doris Ferree.
  • People seeking sanctuary from deportation and their families.
  • All impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Jose and those who are helping out.
  • Marilyn White (my cousin) – undergoing chemotherapy.
  • UMMBC senior pastor search committee as it continues it work.
  • Leadership that create environments for people to live and work without bad behavior.
  • Fred Marshall – he recently had eye surgery and is recovering.
  • The interim pastor at UMMBC, Rev. Headen, and the church leadership during the transition.

The Benediction

  • Make it a great day
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Look for the bright spots

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