Please Pray . . . And Give Thanks


As the Spirit of God guides you (while you are at the altar) please hold the following reminders, celebrations and concerns in your prayers:

  • Please pray for those in need of prayer and not included on this list.
  • Please pray for everyone who takes the time to pray for the needs of others.
  • Those confronting life’s challenges and celebrating life’s joys.

Give Thanks For (Praise Reports):

  • A birthday dinner with my niece, Yasmeen, and family. Happy 24th.
  • The generosity of Claudette Weston, her encouragement and friendship – great article on Sunday. All of it is true!
  • A great UMMBC Stephen Ministry retreat – great participation, session leaders in Rev. Yvette Martin and Tasha Gibson.
  • NBTF announcements, shows, and activities.
  • Mr. Herman Brunson – hospitalized with chest pains, stints inserted. Out and back in church on Sunday.
  • Deacon Georgiana McCoy is out of the hospital.
  • Everyday. Sunrises. Sunsets.
  • The power of touch, love, support and encouragement.
  • Linda Scales – recently in the hospital but now home resting.

Please Pray:

  • Sarah Alston – as she continues to deal with arthritis in her neck and muscle strain.
  • The family of Micheal Ray “Bootney” Moore (a lifelong employee and family member of Russell Funeral Home) – he died unexpectedly on Sunday.
  • The family of Sam Branch (a college classmate) – who died last week.
  • Gerald Alston (also known as “brother”, my first cousin) – being treated for stage 4 prostate cancer.
  • The transition team at UMMBC as the search for a new senior pastor begins.
  • UMMBC Stephen Ministry – please pray for:
    Gwen Jones (Wil) rehabbing from knee replacement surgery
    Blair Chavis
    Deacon Sellers in the Stitch Center
    Bonnie Henderson (and family) on losing her uncle to heart attack
    Deacon Horne (and family) on losing a brother in Chicago
    Rev. Robert & Linda Carter on the lost of a family member
    Rev. Yvette Martin (executive pastor) for her leadership during the transition
  • All students graduating during this season.
  • The family of Delores Johnson (Livingstone College National Alumni Associaton President) – she died last week and her service is today.
  • Barry Williams’ sister – an important decision on eye surgery.

The Benediction

  • Make it a great day
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Look for the bright spots

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