Please Pray . . . And Give Thanks


As the Spirit of God guides you (while you are at the altar) please hold the following reminders, celebrations and concerns in your prayers:

  • Please pray for those in need of prayer and not included on this list.
  • Please pray for everyone who takes the time to pray for the needs of others.
  • Those confronting life’s challenges and celebrating life’s joys.

Give Thanks For (Praise Reports):

  • Stephen Ministry at UMMBC and Stephen Minister spotlight: Chris Cropps.
  • A great meeting with Ned Ericsson and the WS Fellows.
  • The life of Steven Stewart – interrupted too soon.
  • The beautiful wedding of Courtney and Anthony Jones.
  • Labor Day invitation from Bill McClain – great food, fellowship and fun.
  • 9/11 Remembered
  • Stephen Minister, Chris Cropps

Please Pray:

  • Eldridge Alston (my father) – He continues to have some swelling in his legs and determining next steps in his treatment.
  • Rick Pierce (and family) – his mother has transitioned and her services are this week.
  • Jean Allison – She was in bad accident several weeks ago and is in rehab.
  • Sand Lomax – recently had surgery and continues to recuperate at home.
  • Sarah (my wife) – MRI follow up to determine options for treatment this week.
  • Cornelious Flood (and family) – his sister (Mary) lost her husband (Steve) suddenly, one day after successful knee surgery.
  • Sylvia Shelton – She found out she had cancer two years ago, just before Christmas.
    She has been cancer free over a year since chemo but just found out that a small amount of cancer has returned. She will be going through treatments again.

The Benediction

  • Make it a great day
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Look for the bright spots

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